By getting your juice from the J.I.V.E. Juice Company, you’ll possess a powerful weapon in your fight against being chronically tired, sluggish, depressed and other health problems. This potent weapon is not new. In fact, it’s well known by many health and nutritional experts. So what is this key resource to help you enjoy better health?

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices. When you consume fresh fruit and vegetable juice, you’re providing your body with delicious drinks that will contribute to increased energy and enhanced health.

Why is fresh fruit and vegetable juice so effective?

It has a very high nutritional and vitamin content. Juices are absorbed almost immediately into your body, thus supplying needed vitamins and minerals. Cooking vegetables removes a lot of their nutritional value, but juicing saves these vitamins and minerals. So you get mega-doses of vitamins and minerals. Store bought bottled juices can’t compare to this.

Fresh cold-pressed juice is not pasteurized. The FDA requires all drinks sold in stores (with few exceptions) to be pasteurized and that means it’s heated. Heated to a temperature where it kills almost all of the nutritional value. Fresh juice is far superior mainly because of this fact.

Our cells need concentrated nutrition. It’s a fact that most people don’t eat like they should and don’t get enough fruits and veggies in a day. Juicing fills that gap and makes it possible for those not eating a good diet to get much needed nutrition. Our bodies were made to be fed pure, raw foods that contain these naturally occurring vitamins.


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