We know how demanding life can be. Sometimes balancing work and life can be challenging, that’s why we created J.I.V.E. At Work. We have been busy creating a way to make our customers lives easier when it comes to juicing. Not only are the health benefits from old pressed juices beneficial, they can actually keep you focused in the workplace. An alkaline body is necessary to keep you sharp, and performing at peak levels throughout the day.

It is our desire to help companies keep healthier choices at the forefront and readily available, Eat Well, Live Well is our motto.

Our program is a great way to encourage employees to make better choices concerning their health. Our core focus is developing products that can assist the body’s natural energy force, with no crashes or lag. We are excited to present our J.I.V.E. At Work program. J.I.V.E. At Work is a solution for your place of work and your employees. We offer daily delivery service as well as a beautiful fully stocked refrigerator living in your lobby or break area.

We are certain that you and your colleagues will like what J.I.V.E. At Work has to offer.

JIVE At Work


Working through lunch? We feel you. That is why J.I.V.E. Juice Company is proud to present J.I.V.E. At Work. A healthy, convenient solution to getting cold pressed juices delivered directly to your place of work. No need to dash out and pick up juice for your team any longer.

Investing in your employees and their health creates a happier, healthier business. The nutritional benefits of cold pressed juice help to keep you sharp and on your game throughout the day. For those looking to balance perfect health with a crazy schedule, this is a really great idea. While you may not be able to eat a salad while in a meeting, or walking to a meeting, you can sip on organic juice while getting your seven daily servings of fruits and vegetables with minimal effort.

Healthy employees equal increased productivity, improved morale, fewer sick days, and less 3pm lag! Toting a bottle of green juice has become a status symbol of the healthfully hip. No matter how small your office, or how large your company; we customize our service to meet your needs. Choose the frequency of your juice deliveries or carry one of our fully stocked refrigerators in your office, break room, or lobby.