Love My Body Again


“Women wear so many hats as wives, mothers and career women, and become so busy and overwhelmed with life that they forget to take care of themselves,” said Austin. “This book is a reminder to women that they deserve the same love, attention and nurturing that they give to so many others. It’s also a call to action for women to begin the journey towards perfect health and to live their best healthy lives now.”

In her book, Austin guides women through a wellness-focused meditation challenge, helping them to explore ways to take control of the mind, body and soul in order to experience better health. Austin emphasizes the importance of taking small yet powerful steps to improve exercise habits, attitudes, nutritional behaviors, and one’s overall lifestyle.

Austin’s book is deeply rooted in her own personal experiences and her own journey to a healthier, more enriched life. After struggling with weight and health issues, she was able to hit the reset button and now is sharing with women the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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